January came with the realisation this is marathon training and not just jolly runs at the weekend! My last four Saturday runs have seen some big miles getting ready for the Bramley 20 mile event on February 14th – Valentines day – good job I have an understanding and supportive wife! I have been joined by Claire, Kim, Sandrine, Jo, Rob, Russ, Julie and Mike. We have experienced all types of weather this month; heavy rain, strong winds, frost and even some sunshine.
The early Thursday morning runs have been done either starting from The Blunsdon Arms or The Tawny Owl at the lovely hour of 5.30am with my partner in crime Claire. The Tuesday club long routes have been done mostly back marking with Mike and Claire. One night with Mike picked up a calf injury and was sent back to the church hall to stop it getting worse. Besides which before the Tuesday long runs I have been helping out with the beginners which is rewarding to do and give something back and hopefully encouraging new members to join