Feel Free

For the majority of runners, running on the treadmill is boring.

Without scenery passing you by and something to take your mind off the blinking lights in front of you, it’s too easy to look at the clock every 30 seconds and get discouraged that more time hasn’t passed since your last glance.

Likewise, when you’re running a tough workout outside, you can “feel” the finish line getting closer and you have a more natural sense of the distance remaining.

On a treadmill, your mind can’t visualize the finish line, so it becomes harder to concentrate when the pace gets hard and you need to push yourself.  In my opinion, you should approach running on a treadmill like you should with everything in life – in moderation.

What’s the bottom line?

The treadmill can be a great training tool and essential for those of us who live in harsh weather environments (both hot and cold).  However, don’t neglect the specific skills you need to develop by running outside on occasion.